Gear Factory  1.7
Unity component package for procedural gears
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Gear Factory by Atomic Crew


Gear Factory is a Unity3D component package for:

  • procedural generation of gears
  • rotation based on gear ratio

If you want to know more, check out our product page first.


Purchased from Unity asset store

  • Install through the asset store.

Purchased from our site or a reseller

  • Download the package through the provided link.
  • If the package is compressed, first extract it into a temporary directory.
  • Start Unity.
  • Open your project in which you would like to use Gear Factory or start a new one.
  • In the main menu go to: Assets > Import package > Custom package ...
  • Select the extracted .unitypackage
  • Done!

Getting started

  • From the main menu, choose GameObject > Create Other > Gear Factory > Gear.
  • You should see a procedurally created gear without any materials on it in your scene.
  • From the main menu, choose GameObject > Create Other > Gear Factory > Machine.
  • In your hierarchy select the Machine.
  • From your hierarchy drag the Gear we just created into the "Powered Gear" property of the Machine inspector.
  • Click Play and watch your first Gear doing a 360 !

Final note

All sourcecode is included. The sourcecode is only available in C# (for now) to keep the maintenance update frequency up to speed. Licensing is on a per seat basis. This means you are only licensed to use the package for a single developer only.

The possibilities are endless. Keep in mind: all automation can be disabled. The separation of the core engine from the mesh generator makes it possible to create any mesh you like, and integrate it into a machine powered contraption.

Creative freedom is where you need it!